'Humanity Within Divinity'

My concept 'Humanity within Divinity' will make a viewer look at the man, rather than the god Krishna is symbolized as. I will try to depict Krishna in a humane mood, bringing out emotion with a touch of divinity.Krishna has always been depicted playing his flute, smiling, giving a joyful and rejoicing feeling. Here I will be trying to show him using his flute, with the music adding to his brooding state of mind, building on his mysterious and enigmatic personality.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Maps in maya plus hair.

So finally I have brought everything from Zbrush to Maya. I wasted the whole weekend in trying to get the hair to move with the mesh, finally figuring out why it wasn't doing that today morning. Anyway have got all the displacement maps from Zbrush to Maya, and have got it all running well. Now will finishing the skinning tomorrow and start then start with the background.

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